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About CyberVT

About CyberVT

The Cybersecurity Club at Virginia Tech (CyberVT) is a student organization at Virginia Tech focused on educating students, faculty, and the wider Blacksburg public on cybersecurity.

Our goal is to cater to all interested in cybersecurity: those with years of experience in cyber (through interesting and deeply technical presentations), and those who are just getting started (with our bi-weekly beginner meetings).

Throughout its history, CyberVT has been facilitating strong partnerships with other organizations. In fact, CyberVT and the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets Cyber Team have recently partnered up to share knowledge and cater topics to both groups.

Beginner Meetings

CyberVT offers bi-weekly beginner meetings to teach interested students about offensive and defensive cybersecurity concepts. We offer free training in reverse engineering, binary exploitation, web application penetration testing, cryptography, and many other categories.

Technical Talks

Pending interest and speaker availability, CyberVT offers weekly technical presentations during our advanced meetings. In the past, we've given talks on hacking video games, reverse engineering mobile applications, software obfuscation techniques, and malware analysis.

Technical presentation

Former CyberVT member giving a technical presentation on reverse engineering the mobile application of a popular MMORPG game.


The executive body of CyberVT consists of a President, Vice President, and Treasurer. These are the students who have been elected by popular vote for the current academic year.

Photo of Grant Smith
Grant Smith


Grant Smith is an offensive security professional specializing in web hacking. In high school, he was a technical support specialist, but in recent years he has taken up critical roles at the Department of Defense and The Walt Disney Company doing offensive security.

Photo of Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson

Vice President

Christian Johnson has a passion for software reverse engineering. In his free time, he enjoys learning about malware triage. He has recently worked at Percival Engineering emulating embedded systems and testing these systems for security flaws.

Photo of David Smits
David Smits


David Smits is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science with minors in cybersecurity and math. David is interested in machine learning and automation in cybersecurity with a focus on web exploitation.


CyberVT (formerly VTCSEC) was officially founded in the fall semester of 2011 by Reese Moore (President), Scott Salcetti (Vice President), and James Schwinabart (Treasurer). Many of the founders were Linux and Unix Users Group at Virginia Tech (VTLUUG) members who wanted to create a student organization focused on security and privacy.

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