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Sponsorship information

CyberVT's primary mission is to promote cybersecurity education. To fulfil this mission, we accept donations from generous companies. We use sponsorship money to host events (like SummitCTF), pay for students to go to conferences such as DefCon and ShmooCon, and to purchase infrastructure.

Sponsorship Tiers

CyberVT greatly appreciates your interest in sponsoring the club. The perks of your donation lasts for one year. Any swag that is promoted as a sponsorship tier is contingent on availability of the swag. Each sponsorship tier includes all of the benefits of the previous tiers.


$100 - $499

  • Mention on the CyberVT website's sponsors page

$500 - $999

  • Logo on the CyberVT website's sponsors page
  • Ability have time at end of technical talks for a bit of advertising and recruiting
  • Small swag (stickers, keychain, pens)

$1000 - $2999

  • Ability to have speakers at CyberVT special events (including Summit)
  • Minimal advertising of job opportunities and events in meetings, emails, and the website

$3000 - $4999

  • Large swag (t-shirts, mugs, etc.)
  • Advertise software
  • Ability to host CTFs at Virginia Tech, or create challenges for SummitCTF


  • Ability to host social events at or around Virginia Tech for CyberVT
  • Targeted recruiting of members
  • Public advertising of your organization at CTF Competitions by members / CTF team


We welcome corporate representatives to give technical talks or workshops at our meetings on the condition that there is no recruiting. That said, we do offer sponsorship tiers that allow recruiting at the end of technical talks.

Current Sponsors

Northrop Grumman


Northrop Grumman is an American global aerospace and defense technology company. They provide various cybersecurity services to the government.

Triple Point Security


Triple Point Security is a cybersecurity company based in Leesburg, VA. They provide a variety of services to help clients protect their data and systems from cyber threats.



HII is a global engineering and defense technologies provider, and recognized worldwide as America’s largest shipbuilder.

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